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What is the Vertex? « Alice Portman, Astrologer

Register here. Or call or email askmariashaw aol. Maria's Mystics , Mediums and Messages! Psychic Circle - NEW!

Messages will be delivered from our panel of intuitives to audience members. We will have free readings for selected audience members from pet psychics, medical intuitives, angel readers, past life experts and more in a gallery setting. Friday October The Karma Class. Midge Miller. Part 1 Is he really your soul mate? Uncover the karmic promises and soul contracts you have with important people in your life. Is there an old lover you can't seem to let go of emotionally? Is your best friend closer to you than your own sister? Do you feel like you have a special connection with a co worker?

Explore karmic ties that can span many lifetimes. Discover the unique connections and the the destiny you share. Part 2. There are situations, hurt, pain and anger that we hold onto in family, romantic, work and past life relationships. They are tiring. They wear us down. They affect us on a very deep level and can hinder our personal and soul growth. These can be just a few examples:.

In this class, you are to focus on a one person or situation, you no longer wish to hold space for, in your life.

We set the intention to let go of and release the karma contract with someone once and for all. This is a powerful and emotionally moving class. It will change your life Crossing Over Gallery Gallery. The healing messages sent with love, often bring smiles, tears of joy and even giggles!

Delineating the Vertex

Be sure to ask a friend who has lost a loved one to attend with you. Groups welcome and discounted when six or more book at the same time. For discount you must call Maria at Saturday October Maria Shaw's Cleansing and Clearing Class. This is the class taught around the country that has changed hundreds of people's lives; some within minutes! Lunch break - Clear and Cleansing. Yourself, Your Home or Business and more! Also, psychic attacks and negative energy from other people or spirit attachments can cause issues. Chemical, metal and atomic toxins as well as past life memories or experiences disturb our natural healthy state of being too.

Sometimes, negative energy becomes attached to us through others. When we are in close relationships, we take on other people's karma and energy. Upsets in relationships and worries from two days ago to twenty years ago can still affect us, whether we recognize we are still holding onto the hurt or not.

Other people's energy can absorb into our own auras. Sometimes, negative emotions, drug and alcohol use, psychic attacks or spells can block us from achieving balance and health. Imbalances can translate into fatigue, lethargy, weight problems and a lack of zest for living. Overactive energy or too much stimulation creates other types of problems including hyperactivity, panic attacks, emotional imbalances, and many types of health issues in the physical body. Homes that don't sell easily or feel uncomfortable to live in will also be addressed in this class. I have had people take this class and their houses that don't move in the real estate market for years, sold within days after of doing the clearing!

We will also clear negative and toxic work environments in this class as well. Each of you will be tested to see which area of life there is an imbalance or where there needs to be an energy clearing. Then I will give you specific ways how to cleanse and clear energy so you do it yourself anytime. This is a very effective class!

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Usually, it's one of these that needs to be cleared:. You can attend Maria's class by itself or buy a day pass too. You do not need to purchase the entire weekend.

Individual pricing:. Maria and Dr. Flying in? Only have one or two questions? You can order a recorded reading sent to your phone or email here. Answers back within hours or sooner! If you are a Cancer or a Leo and have a birthday coming within the next 60 days, read about your solar return. Your Magic Moment Happens. Once Every Year. By Astrologer Maria Shaw. The exact magic moment is different each year and is based on the location you spend your birthday that specific year. Once it is calculated, you must plan to do something to harness the energy of that magnificent energy.

No one else is the world may have the exact magic moment or focus as you do unless they were born the same day, time and in the same city. Yes, it's that special! I always make a point to research my solar return time, find a quiet place and read off a list of all of the things I want for my new birthday year. I pray, affirm and visualize these things at the exact magic moment.

I have tracked my wishes and about 90 percent have come true! Years ago I put on my Solar Return list, that I wanted ot get an agent to represent me. It's easy to get an agent to sign you when you are famous. But it's almost impossible to get a PR rep or agent when no one has heard of you. But I put it on my list on June 27th. In October, a Boston client sent me a local metaphysical magazine and in it was an article about a Hollywood agent who represented psychics, healers and the like. I read it and took it as a sign. I called him and within a month was signed to his firm.

He also secured radio and writing opportunities for me and I began a national tour. Impossible, most people would say. I thought so too but I worked my solar return; manifesting at the exact moment it peaked and it benefited me. Another piece of advice about the solar return, is you must make a point to put only positive thoughts, actions and activities into your birthday.

What's happening on your birthday, effects your entire year. You should take especial note of the entire 24 hours not just the magic moment time. So if you are having a great day and enjoying what you do, it's likely the overall energy of your year ahead will be the same.

If you are arguing with someone, having a miserable birthday and so on, your entire year could be filled with the same tensions. Also the people who are part of your solar return will be a part of your entire year. I make a point to call my friends on their birthdays so I am sure to secure my position in their lives throughout the year! One of my friends spent her birthday with me a few years ago. The entire afternoon she complained about her husband. All day, she was telling me about how unhappy she was and how terrible he was. Well, I was still spending time with her over the next 12 months AND every time we got together she was still complaining about her husband!

Make sure you do something you truly enjoy on every birthday, set intentions on your magic moment, be with people who love you and that are positive. Make this day count! Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli. The Ascendant signifies affairs pertaining to the First House. In the judgement of the matters governed by each of these four angular houses, the angle that is on its cusp should be considered by its sign and aspects received conjunctions being of foremost importance , together with the sign and house placement of, and aspects received by, its Lord.

While any planet in the angular houses is of increased strength, this is particularly so of one posited in the Tenth House or the First House; and additionally if conjunct as measured by degrees the Midheaven or Ascendant such a planet will be greatly strengthened in its importance within a figure. More specific concepts of three of these angles are compiled below. The Ascendant describes the body and its material wants, physical appearance both purely structural qualities of appearance, and the facial expression and outward mannerisms , constitution health , and vital resilience. He links it to inherited and parentally derived character traits, stating that only with maturity can the inner being represented by the Moon and Sun express itself more freely.

Fenton suggests that the characteristics of the ascendant sign are adopted to fit in with how authority figures early in life are perceived by the individual as expecting him or her to be. Howard Sasportas regards the ascendant as showing our concept of life and existence; our perception of the world outside; and also our expectations when faced with changes and new beginnings, and our way of undertaking them. Yet it will always take the form of the particular sign of the zodiac on it, modified by aspects to it and by the situation of its dispositor.

Most astrologers therefore regard it as an intrinsic part of the true personality, although perhaps the most easily outwardly expressed part. Hand notes that it shows the impression that others obtain of oneself and the effect that one has upon others through a combination of personality and actions. It also shows some of the qualities we tend least to identify with ourselves. The Midheaven or Medium Coeli traditionally signifies career, marks of status, public reputation including fame, honour and dishonour, and social standing , worldly situation and position, social contributions, external life direction, and ambition for personal achievement.

Their influence is believed to manifest in personal identity, needs, self-expression, and actions. They function as parts of two-point axes in connection with their opposing points; and both ends should be considered by sign and house placement and close aspects, with particular consideration for conjunctions.

The sign and house placement s of the Anti-Vertex and the East-Point, for instance, will add a slight emphasis of the nature of the signs and house s concerned to the expression of the self. Any conjunction will emphasise the end of the axis concerned in connection with the conjoined planet or principle, and often to the detriment of the opposing point on the axis.

Pottenger similarly regards both the Vertex and the West Point or Equatorial Descendant as being akin to auxiliary descendants, showing the emotions and experiences sought through close personal relationships, and the qualities that one is inclined to project onto others, unconsciously seeking their expression in them.